Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Another Blue.... Sex in the City

Hiya All

Today I have yet another blue... I have been sporting blues all week. I have for you China Glaze Sex in the city. I swatched this one on the weekend, so you can kind get a look at how my nails are at the moment. However in saying that I broke a nail today.... but not on my hand i use for swatch pics ... thank goodness lol. So right now I have one hand with shorter nails than the other..... its really annoying me, I think I will shorten them all over the Easter weekend.
Anyway enough of nail breakage talk... its making me sad, onto pics. I love this colour, the only draw back is that it is still sheer on me after 2 coats. However the application and the lasting ability of this colour is fab!
If you have a look closely you will see that I have started to grow calcium/zinc marks on my nails which can be seen if the polish isn't opaque. For those who don't know what they are, they are small white spots on the nail bed. To date there is no explanation as to why they are formed. Some people say calcium deficiency, some say zinc. I find its whenever I loose weight I tend to get them. They grow out with the nail, so I have to just live with them for now.
Does anyone else get these? If so when do you find you get them?
I will post a pic of my nails without polish in the next few days so you can see how many spots I have got growing out. Its insane!


Laure on April 8, 2009 at 7:20 PM said...

I love this colour so much, and it looks great on your beautiful long nails!

Lucy on April 9, 2009 at 1:19 AM said...

What a pity breaking one of your beautiful nails! So sorry about that. I thought that the white marks were just like a bruise on your nail.

Anonymous said...

Love the colour! Btw, I get those white marks too. I didn't know what it was. Oh well, I usually cover them up with some kind of nail polish :)

lily said...

What I heard is that those white marks are not really caused by malnutrition, well not directly. The white is caused by the different layers of horn not being attached well to each other so that they don't appear as clear as the rest of your nail. This CAN happen when you lose weight but it doesn't have to mean that your body is missing nutritions.
You can see the same thing at the root of your nails. This little half moon, it's the same thing. Just the layers of the new nail that are not yet completely "compressed".
Hope I was understandable here and didn't write complete rubbish but I remember having heard this a while ago.


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