Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OPI Dont toy with me!

Hiya all

Well hope you all enjoyed the Easter break. I sure enjoyed my time off. Over the weekend I managed to do a few swatches. I decided to break out the Zoya's... and I am thrilled I did. I found some awesome pinks from Zoya

The first one of my pink collection is Trinity. This is lovely blue based metallic pink. I was a little skeptical on the colour when I put on the first coat as it was so sheer and streaky, but the second coat fixed it all up and made it look so glossy and dreamy

The second polish for my pink Zoya marathon is Dawn. Oh Dawn you are such a lovely dark creamy pink. I had no application problems with this one whatsoever. The polish is super glossy, in my pics i don't even have a top coat on.... and look how glossy it is.. amazing!

Last but not least is Zoya Sachi

This is another lovely dark creamy pink. I use this one a lot for my base for Konad designs. This one has excellent application, 2 coats and you have lovely glossy nails. The lasting ability of this one is also excellent, hence the reason I wear this pink so much. This is also a fab colour for the toes!


Lucy on April 14, 2009 at 9:01 PM said...

All three look beautiful on you. My favorite is Dawn. Gorgeous shade and so shiny! What do you use as your topcoat on the other shades? Your nails always look very shiny.


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