Friday, May 15, 2009

OPI My Private Jet... Old Formula VS New

Hiya All

I know this comparison has probably been done to death... but I had to see it for myself. OPI My Private Jet is one of my all time favourite colours. When it first came out I just could not get enough of the colour..... now it seems that OPI have changed the formula and ... I am sad to say I no longer like MPJ. I find the newer version to be less of a holo, have a somewhat purple base and applies like crap... far too thick. So I guess I will have to cherish the only bottle of OLD formula MPJ I have....... boo on you OPI!


Helen on May 15, 2009 at 5:45 PM said...

It's the first time I've seen the comparison so thankyou for that.

I think I have the new version and I still love it - mine is browner rather than purple though.

But yes, definitely cherish that old bottle!

clockwork on May 15, 2009 at 10:20 PM said...

Great pictures, it really is clear to see the difference, such a shame they've altered it. I'm also treasuring my old bottle.

black diamond said...

just wanted to let you know, that the seller sparkling nails on ebay still sells the old version of mpj ;-)
thanks for the comparison swatch, great work!

Liz Rey said...

I too am disappointed with the new MPJ. I saw so many swatches and fell in love with I find it my local nail spot and I am so excited......well I bring it home slap it on and it is NOTHING like any of the swatches I had seen. BIG BUMMER!! Wish I had read something like this before I went and spent money on something I really don't like at all. But thanks for sharing this I hope it keeps people from buying something that isn't what they are looking for..


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