Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Scandal Polishes

Hiya All

I am sorry about the delay in swatching these. I bought these a while ago and just haven't had the change to use them. I finally got around to swatching them on a opaque false nail. These bottles look exactly like the NFU-Oh bottles. These are not only lovely to look at but the colours are really nice too. All the pictures are all with 2 coats of polish and 1 coat of top coat.

Olive Pearl. This one is a lovely emerald green glitter polish. It is full of large and small glitter pieces and is fairly heavily glitter packed.

Madelene Green. I really like this one its a dirty olive green with silver glitter throughout, application on this one was excellent.

Love Holic green. Oh I LOVE this one, its a creamy grass green and applies like a dream!

Olive green. This is a light olive green colour packed full of gold glitter

Shining purple. OH I LOVE THIS. This is a heavily packed purple glitter polish suspended in a jelly like base, just amazing!

Dynamic Pink- This is a pink jelly base with rainbow coloured glitter pieces floating throughout. As its a jelly base its somewhat a little sheer but still lovely.

Red Spindle - A light pink jelly based polish with a mixture of small and large glitter pieces throughout. This is somewhat a little sheer for me.

Purple Star - A VERY light purple based glitter with small glitter pieces and large star glitter pieces, looks good in the bottle but I just don't like it on the nail.

Disco Purple. Oh I love this one its kinda in between Dynamic Pink and Red Spindle just lovely

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

China Glaze - Meteor Shower

Hi All

Hope you are all well. Today I actually got around to painting my nails.... mind you I did it outside so the smell was somewhat subdued. This colour arrived in my mail today and I just HAD to try it. China Glaze Meteor shower, oh it looks amazing in the bottle.
I found it looked gritty and clumpy with the first coat but the second coat seemed to fix it up a little. The colour is truly lovely, its a blue base with multi coloured glitter throughout that doesn't over through the blue.
I am however disappointed with the finish. The finish is gritty and the polish was gloopy to use. The finish is very much the same as China Glaze Flying dragon... GRITTY... so you will need a really good topcoat. Even with top coat there is some grit to the polish. Overall I do like the polish, the glitter and depth of blue is just stunning!

Monday, November 09, 2009

intl date line

Hiya All
Hope your all doing well. Today will be a very quick post of a oldie I have sitting around. Int'l date line is a colour I am iffy over, I have only worn this twice and still cannot decide if I should keep it or throw it.

The application is lovely but that's due to the fact its the old formula and full of lovely chemicals. In this pic I have 2 coats and the nail is fully opaque.
Should I keep it or throw it?

Also for those who have been waiting I FINALLY have some wedding pics to show you

Sunday, November 01, 2009

OPI Nordic Nights

Hiya All

I know I know I have been MIA lately... but for good reason. Some exciting news... I am having a baby! I am currently at the 1/2 way mark now.. all the morning sickness has gone, but guess what the smell of polish makes me feel sick... how crap is that.

Anyway I have a few back ups of pics I took ages ago that have been sitting in drafts so thought I would work my way through them until I can handle the polish smell. This polish is called OPI Nordic nights, its a fairly old polish so it has the old formula and applies wonderfully. This is a lovely creamy dark bluish red. This is actually one of my fav reds .... darn OPI for discontinuing it.. I don't have much left!!


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