Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OPI Over the Taupe VS $OPI Metro Chic VS You Dont know Jaques

Hiya All

I know double post.... well super bored today. I had a request the other day to compare the new OPI Over the Taupe against some other recent popular colours.. Sephora Metro Chic and OPI You don't know Jacques. Even looking at the bottles together the colours look immediately different and i find they look different on on the nails as well. So enough talking... check out the pics

Time for OPI Glitters!

Hiya All

Today I thought I would glam this blog up a little and show you some fun glitters. Much of my glitters do not get much love, so I thought I would break them out since the weather in Melbourne is so crappy this week.... wet and cold... glitters will cheer me up lol.

Paris Couture for sure
This is one is a really nice one. Its a silver based glitter top coat but has some multi colour glitter throughout. In this pic I have 3 coats. This would look great over a black.

OPI Silver snowflakes
This one is a straight silver glitter. The only time I use this is at Christmas for nail art as it tends to be too share to use on its own.. plus its quite plain.

OPI Cherry much in love
This one was released for Valentines day. It looks amazing in the bottle but I hate to say it... it looks tacky on the nail as its so gritty. The polish goes on like a jelly and is packed full of gritty glitter.

OPI Thrills in Beverley hills
I don't know why this one doesn't get more love. This is such a lovely antique gold glitter polish. Its not gritty and dries glossy. In this pic I have 3 coats on.

OPI Love will blossom
This one was released for Valentines day. Again this one looks amazing in the bottle but it looks tacky on the nail as its so gritty. This one is super is packed full of gritty glitter.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

OPI Lilac colours compared .... OPI A Grape Fit!

Hiya All

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine has been full of doing wedding things and you guessed it.. painting nails lol. A few people have contacted me to ask me to compare OPI A grape Fit against a few other of opi's lilacs, so here the are.

You can see clearly from the pics below that they are all different shades of lilac. So if you are not sure whether or not you should get A grape fit as you may think its too close to Do you lilac it, be assured they are very different colours.

Friday, April 24, 2009

BB Couture for nails

Hiya All

Everyone seems to be talking about this brand at the moment on MUA (make up alley)... and I can see why, they are hot stuff. I recently received 5 bottles of this brand to try and my gosh I am love them.

I found the bottle to be a little bit of a let down, the cap should defiantly not be blue, I think it if was black it would look a little more professional, however the actual shape of the bottle is excellent and works well when holding it and trying to apply polish. I do this when doing my clients nails .. don't put the bottle down when I am painting.

The actual polish itself was excellent, it was really nice to apply and you only needed 2 coats to get the look of what was in the bottle. I found even the colours packed with glitter applied really well... which is unusual as I tend to find they are a little streaky with the first coat, where as BB was smooth.

So I think its about time to show you some swatches
The first one is called Butt Naked Bronze.... I just love the name, the colour is so so for me

Moon over Manhattan
I looked at the bottle and thought hmmm that's not something I would wear, it looks dull but oh my gosh when I put it on the nail I loved it!

Hemosa Surfer Girl
This one applies like a jelly and is packed full of gold and green glitter. This one looks a lot nicer on the nail than it does in the bottle, a real dark horse.

Balboa Beach Bunny
I have left my favorite two colours to last. I absolutely love the colour is a lovely purple packed full of purple and silver glitter. The glitter pieces are flecks, but there are also some glitter stings in there. Quite interesting

Midnight Malibu
When I see this colour I think Essie Starry Starry night. This colour is an excellent dupe for SSN. This is a lovely blue which not only has blue glitter throughout but it seems to have some purple glitter as well. This is by far my favourite of the bunch!
p.s, did u notice my nails are shorter? Yep filed them down.... shorter and loving it!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

OPI Colour Copia... do not look like oldies

Hiya All
I was looking through my draws of polish today and decided to pull out 2 of the colours that OPI have re released. Upon looking at them in the bottle I thought hmmmm these old bottles do not seem to be the same colour of the new release bottles. I decided to do some further investigation and lookie what i noticed they are NOT the same colours!!!!

I only compared Venus Di Violet and Kinky in Helsinki but I SUSPECT all of the colours are going to have the same issue. They are just not the same shade as the old original versions.

Venus Di Violet
On the Left I have the new bottle and on the right I have the original version

Venus Di Violet
On the Left I have the old colour and on the right I have the new version of Venus di Violet bottle

Kinky in Helsinki
On the Left I have the new bottle and on the right I have the original version

Swatched are on the left the of version and on the right the new version. Notice the old version has a deeper purple tone to it

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OPI 2009 Brights Collection - Paige Denim

Hiya All

I haven't posted in a few days but have been busy doing some swatching so please forgive me. Today I received the Paige denim collection and I hate to say it.... OMG I love it. All the colours are cremes and they are all really nice. The application of all of them are excellent with the exception of the grey called Over the Taupe. The Taupe was runny and streaky.

The OPI Paige Denim collection has 6 shades which are all cremes. When I fist saw their promo pics I was thinking to myself .. oh just great another boring collection, but my opinion changed immediately once I started to do some swatching.

Here are the pics and I think they speak for themselves. I have tried to capture an accurate pic of each colour. Enjoy!

Promo Pic

A Grape it

In my back pocket

No room for blues!

On the same paige

Shorts Story

Over the Taupe


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