Sunday, November 30, 2008

A hot colour for summer!

Hi All

I was searching through my polishes today to find something interesting and came across an old favourite. Pompeii purple.. oh why haven't I worn this more often? This is such a lovely lively colour. It's a hot pink that flashes blue and is a opalescent polish that is very lovely. Going into Summer I will be reaching for this one now YAY. This is a great colour for both the hands and feet!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh what a passion

Well today I thought I would hit the rares.
Prince George's passion is from the OPI British Collection that was released in 1996. This colour has been discontinued for several years now.
This colour is a brownish pink with a blue undertone. This is a lovely creme and would fantastic on any ones nails. I don't know that I will be wearing it all that much these days as we are heading into summer. Defiantly a winter colour!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Some hot Zoyas

Today I have for you some awesome Zoyas for you
The first is Kotori. Kotori was released with the Downtown collection for Fall '07. This is a lovely shimmery blue in a blackened base. This application in this photo is of 3 coats to get the colour that is displayed in the bottle, however I still found this to be a little sheer. This polish would be best over a dark blue shade rather than on its own.


This is a bright crimson shade with a hint of gold shimmer. I just love this colour its so bright and cheery. This colour reminds me somewhat of OPI dress to empress but better! Its just SO glossy. This is a brilliant winter shade and a great colour for the toes all year round!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some Yokohamas

Hi All

today I thought I would share some pics of OPI 2007 Yokohamas. I didnt think that I would like these but I was surprised by how great they looked. I found Sweet love at Ferris wheel to be a little too sheer for me though. Bay bridge was is awesome its packed full of holo glitter, i think i am in love heheheh. Both of these are well worth getting!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some Hong Kong OPI Glitters

I have been wanting to try these ones for a long time, so when a friend came around with them i was so excited. These are both such fun colours packed full of glitter goodness.

Your a movie star? Well this colour is fun it contains large and small glitter flakes suspended in a rose jelly like base. This colour is really something!

Too Fabulous well this is in the same vain as Your a movie star. Its small and large glitter flakes suspended in a baby pink light jelly. I really think that this one would look better layered, what do you think?

These are both a lot of fun!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Grape wall

Well today I have for you OPI Grape wall of China. This is one of my fav purples. Its something sofisticated but still has a little omph. This is a rich creamy medium mauve purple colour. I find it has a similar intensity to windy city pretty but looks better!

I just love this colour!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Im Red-y are you?

Hi All

Feeling like a funky red? Well why don't your try Red-y to hit the streets.
This is a bright true red packed full of glitter. I tried to take a pic to show the glitter throughout but it was hard. The glitter is very noticeable and I found this colour to be lovely and glossy. In regards to wear and tear I found this to wear quite well, went 3 days with no chips and only had to top up with a little bit of topcoat.

With regards to taking it off, anyone who wears polish with glitter in it knows it’s a little difficult to get the polish off. However in saying this it was pretty easy to get this baby off. A truly fantastic colour, I know that there are so many reds out there with Christmas coming up... but worth giving this one a go!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nfu-oh wow

Hi All

today I thought I would post some Nfu-Oh pics other than the flakies that everyone loves. I think these are pretty hot too! Nfu-oh make other great colours but these are my fav from the bunch

Saturday, November 22, 2008

OPI Princess Rules VS OPI Cherry Blossom

Hi All

Today I thought I would review OPI Princess rule VS OPI Cherry Blossom.

As you can see the is a distinct difference between them.
Princesses Rule
This colour is a light pink fine micro glitter polish. .It gives your nails this subtle sparkle and sheen that is just gorgeous. This doesn’t seem to have the depth or coverage as Cherry blossom as the glitter seems to be finer and the polish its suspended in much lighter. In the photo you can see my tips and that’s after 4 coats. I would not suggest this polish to be used on its own, it would look much nicer as part of a French polish. I tend to recommend this colour to add a little spice to a normal French.
Cherry Blossom
This colour comes from the Yokohama 2007 collection. This is a medium pink packed with micro silver and pink glitter throughout. This has the same finish as the much loved Hollywood blonde. Though I like this colour I could not see myself wearing it very often, its not all that exciting.

Here is a close up of the two, as you can see there is a big difference between both

Zoya Flourish Collection Review


I know I am late to the plate with reviewing this one, but being in Australia means that we get our collections a little later. I was so excited when i finally got these babies the colours are phenomenal!

The mix of warm browns and rich reds really caught my eye. You could even say that some of the colours in this collection are a little glamorous

Is a lovely rose colour with a gold shimmer highlights throughout it. It took me around 3 coats to get the polish to look like what was in the bottle. I was surprised at how much I liked this colour as i normally do not wear rose. I love the foil finish this polish had and even though its a winter release this is defiantly a colour you could wear all year round!

Um wow... hehe I love this colour. I find this colour to be quite unique with its lovely lilac purple and gold undertones, seems almost durocrome to me. I love the metallic foil like finish in this one. This reminds me of spring!

Talk about pretty. This is a pretty pink with tonnes of gold shimmer throughout. I didn't think i would like this colour but i was shocked when i put it on my nails, it is absolutely beautiful. I could not stop staring at my nails after i applied this. The coverage is so good, it only took 2 coats and it looked so glossy even without top coat. This one is defiantly a keeper!

What a fabulous red. This is hot stuff so watch out! This is a fabulous metallic red with metallic with sparkle highlights. Yet again a very versatile colour, you could wear this winter, spring, summer oh whenever!!!

I am not someone who lookes gold colours, but this one is great. It is an antique gold with a foil metallic finish. The application is superb and the coverage is excellent. Whist it is something i would not wear often, i defiantly had to give this one a try and i ended up surprised by how much i liked it.

Last but not least Kalista. I am totally in love with this brown. I have been trying to find a brown like this for months! This brown is so rich and warm and super glossy. It is such a lovely warm mahogany colour. I could see myself wearing this one day in day out. This one is my favourite out of the collection

Overall this collection is well worth getting!

A Day for lime


Hi All

Well its Saturday and what a Saturday it is in Melbourne.... The weather is wild today ...3 seasons in one day for sure!
I thought today I would hit my OPI collection and show something a little bit on the green side. Hey get in Lime is a light minty creme polish, which I found to be a little wishy washy and had to apply 3 coats. Of course with 3 coats it took forever to dry... looks like i might not be taking this one out of the box again... boo!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ohhhhh it's a Scandal!


In August I attended the Sydney International Beauty Expo. It was a fantastic day filled with touching and playing of Beauty products. All the Industry leaders were there showcasing their new and exciting releases. I think I spend a total of 6 hours walking around testing all the products. One product brand that caught my eye was the Scandal polish stand. These polishes were full of glittery goodness I could not pass them without purchasing some.
So today I present for you some swatches of scandal woohoo.

Moody Sky

I love the name of this one, it’s the perfect shade if you are in a bad mood, put it on and it will cheer you up!
The application is quite nice, it takes 3 coats to get the colour in the bottle, however you can still see the nail bed underneath. It colour is very glossy and has a lovely shimmer throughout it.

Shining Purple

Oh I love this one. This is a medium purple packed with a thick glitter throughout. This kind of reminds me of OPI Ulta Violet but BETTER. The application is great and it takes 2 coats to get the desired effect. One thing I like about this colour is not only is it packed full of glitter but its long lasting as well. The colour doesn’t seem to dull after a few days as I tend to find other glitter polishes do. This one is a winner!

Disco Pink

This one is a jelly base with glitter chunks throughout. The glitter chunks vary from fine to thick and chunky. This jelly base of this colour is a opaque pink and the glitter flakes range from pink to silver. This colour took around 3 coats to start to look like it did in this bottle, I would suggest this one is better for layering. This colour reminds me on the OPI Are you a movie star?

Diamond Pearl

This one is a heavy gold glitter polish. The colour of the flakes are somewhat antique gold. This is nothing to write home about but is a good colour for layering. The application in my picture is 2 coats.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Old Faiithful OPI Jasper Jade

Agrr Thursday today.. nearly the weekend yay!
Today I thought I would show you some comparison pics of China Glaze Gussied up green and OPI Jasper Jade. There is minimal difference between each. They are both blacked forest greens with a micro shimmer. The main differance is the formula and that Gussied up Green tends to have a better wear quality to it. Jasper Jade is now a little hard to find these days.

Would i bother trying to find it? nope just go out and get Gussied up green if u want a close match!

Some purple Zoyas pics for Hump day (Its Wednesday for all the girls in OZ)

Hi All

Today I have for you some swatches of some Zoyas all in a different variation of purple

Roxy has to be one my favourite colours from Zoya. This colour is a lovely medium purple with a tonne of sparkles. Even though it has a tonne of sparkles its not outrageous, however i think i would still wear it even if it was.

Yasmeen by Zoya oh jeepers this one is HOT. I would assume that this colour would be one of their best sellers. Its a lovely deep plum purple with a light shimmer. It has light green and gold shimmer through it when you view it in the sun. Its a great all year round colour!

Mikka by Zoya. A nice dark purple with a lilac shimmer throughout. This is a lovely colour but nothing to write home about

Harmonie by Zoya, wow i love this one. It takes 2 coats to get the full colour in the bottle and the application is a dream! This colour is very glossy and such a dreamy purple... oh i love this one!

Juno By Zoya. When I saw this colour I just HAD to have it. In the bottle this colour looks AMAZING! Its a lovely purple that looks like a durocrome in the bottle. The colour flashes green and blue in the bottle its just soooo hot. On the nail I also love it, however the durocrome doesn't seem so predominant on the nails, but well worth wearing!!!!

Carisma by Zoya. This is a neon purple pink. I would say it has more purple in it than pink. This one was quite hard to capture as it looks more pink in the photo but i find it looks a lot more purple on the hands. This would have to be one of Zoyas best sellers, it really is an awesome colour. The application is fantastic and dries matte (typical of neon's). When you put a top coat over this one it really is super glossy. This polish has very good wear as well, I can go at least 4 days with no sign of wear. This colour is the PERFECT colour for summer!

Enjoy and i will see u tomorrow!

Monday, November 17, 2008

New OPI Train cases

My latest buy s to I can try and stash some more polishes away.

I present the NEW OPI Train case.

I am not sure if this will be available to the USA

This Train case holds a lot more than its older shape case and is easier to carry around with its sturdy shoulder strap! I am in love with its hot pink lining and easy compact storage.

Oh this one is a winner!

OPI Season's Sparkling Mini Set

No surprise my first review is OPI heheheh

This set contains 3 polishes and 1 top coat. This is only available in Ulta stores so I am thankful my little sister sent the 3 polishes over from the USA. I am always bummed about all the good items that Australia never gets. Anyway enough whining here are a few swatches of the colours

The SET includes the following items:
3.75mL Mini OPI Nail Lacquer in Berry Brilliant
3.75mL Mini OPI Nail Lacquer in Season's Sparklings!
3.75mL Mini OPI Nail Lacquer in Pretty Plum-tuous
3.75mL Mini OPI RapiDry Top Coat
Small Purple Metallic Shimmer Wristlet

Here are close up bottle pics of all 3 colours



Here is a close up of Berry Brilliant



Here is a close up of Pretty Plum-tuous



Here is a close up of Season's Sparklings!


Overall I love this little collection. I am a huge fan of cremes and i found that both cremes in this pack went on well and were great colours. Its also nice to see that OPI has brought in a glitter instead of playing it safe. The glitter is great on its own or over both the cremes

If you can get yourself a pack its well worth it, all the colours ROCK!

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