Saturday, November 22, 2008

Zoya Flourish Collection Review

I know I am late to the plate with reviewing this one, but being in Australia means that we get our collections a little later. I was so excited when i finally got these babies the colours are phenomenal!

The mix of warm browns and rich reds really caught my eye. You could even say that some of the colours in this collection are a little glamorous

Is a lovely rose colour with a gold shimmer highlights throughout it. It took me around 3 coats to get the polish to look like what was in the bottle. I was surprised at how much I liked this colour as i normally do not wear rose. I love the foil finish this polish had and even though its a winter release this is defiantly a colour you could wear all year round!

Um wow... hehe I love this colour. I find this colour to be quite unique with its lovely lilac purple and gold undertones, seems almost durocrome to me. I love the metallic foil like finish in this one. This reminds me of spring!

Talk about pretty. This is a pretty pink with tonnes of gold shimmer throughout. I didn't think i would like this colour but i was shocked when i put it on my nails, it is absolutely beautiful. I could not stop staring at my nails after i applied this. The coverage is so good, it only took 2 coats and it looked so glossy even without top coat. This one is defiantly a keeper!

What a fabulous red. This is hot stuff so watch out! This is a fabulous metallic red with metallic with sparkle highlights. Yet again a very versatile colour, you could wear this winter, spring, summer oh whenever!!!

I am not someone who lookes gold colours, but this one is great. It is an antique gold with a foil metallic finish. The application is superb and the coverage is excellent. Whist it is something i would not wear often, i defiantly had to give this one a try and i ended up surprised by how much i liked it.

Last but not least Kalista. I am totally in love with this brown. I have been trying to find a brown like this for months! This brown is so rich and warm and super glossy. It is such a lovely warm mahogany colour. I could see myself wearing this one day in day out. This one is my favourite out of the collection

Overall this collection is well worth getting!


Steph on November 24, 2008 at 6:51 AM said...

They all look wonderful on you! and yay! you got your brown :D


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