Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some purple Zoyas pics for Hump day (Its Wednesday for all the girls in OZ)

Hi All

Today I have for you some swatches of some Zoyas all in a different variation of purple

Roxy has to be one my favourite colours from Zoya. This colour is a lovely medium purple with a tonne of sparkles. Even though it has a tonne of sparkles its not outrageous, however i think i would still wear it even if it was.

Yasmeen by Zoya oh jeepers this one is HOT. I would assume that this colour would be one of their best sellers. Its a lovely deep plum purple with a light shimmer. It has light green and gold shimmer through it when you view it in the sun. Its a great all year round colour!

Mikka by Zoya. A nice dark purple with a lilac shimmer throughout. This is a lovely colour but nothing to write home about

Harmonie by Zoya, wow i love this one. It takes 2 coats to get the full colour in the bottle and the application is a dream! This colour is very glossy and such a dreamy purple... oh i love this one!

Juno By Zoya. When I saw this colour I just HAD to have it. In the bottle this colour looks AMAZING! Its a lovely purple that looks like a durocrome in the bottle. The colour flashes green and blue in the bottle its just soooo hot. On the nail I also love it, however the durocrome doesn't seem so predominant on the nails, but well worth wearing!!!!

Carisma by Zoya. This is a neon purple pink. I would say it has more purple in it than pink. This one was quite hard to capture as it looks more pink in the photo but i find it looks a lot more purple on the hands. This would have to be one of Zoyas best sellers, it really is an awesome colour. The application is fantastic and dries matte (typical of neon's). When you put a top coat over this one it really is super glossy. This polish has very good wear as well, I can go at least 4 days with no sign of wear. This colour is the PERFECT colour for summer!

Enjoy and i will see u tomorrow!


Steph on November 19, 2008 at 10:19 AM said...

Well you just sold 90% of those to me. I think my next zoya order will be predominantly purple :) Absolutly love Charisma and Harmonie!


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