Tuesday, February 03, 2009

South Beach x2

Hi All

today I thought i would post 2 shades from the south beach collection. I have to say I am not overly impressed by the collection, the colours that have been released are a similar shade to colours OPI already has in their range. However as I love the quality of OPI polishes I had to give these ones a try
First is Done Out in Deco. A lovely Easter egg/Candy purple. Which reminds me of I lilac it but darker. This is a lovely creme so its a dream to apply and the wear is pretty good too.

Next I present... Over Exposed in South Beach... ho hum... this ones boring.


Anonymous said...

i like the done out in deco.. it reminds me of a color that i bought from sephora's line (raisin). i hate (sephora's) their mini bottles though.. the formula gets thick too quick and the bottle is too small

Siobhan on February 10, 2009 at 3:31 AM said...

Ronna, check out this blog - she's ripping off your material.

Anonymous said...

BTW, how many manis can you get out of those mini bottles?


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