Monday, December 08, 2008

Its starting to look a lot like christmas

Good Morning

Today I am posting some great colours for Christmas since its not too far away. The first 2 are from the 2008 OPI Christmas release.
Baby It's "Coal" Outside was released with the OPI Holiday in Toyland Collection. Blackish grey charcoal with silver throughout. The glitter pieces in it are quite large so it has a gritty look. I find that this one needs to be topped up with some topcoat every 2-3 days as it seems to go dull. I really do love this colour but since we are now in summer i am not likely to wear it. Plus its not really an appropriate Christmas colour, where are the greens in this collection?

Dont toy with me was released with the OPI Holiday in Toyland Collection.When I saw this I just HAD to have it. It really is something to look at. Now this colour makes me think of Christmas, The color is fuchsia/magenta blue base packed full of glitter. This colour also has large glitter pieces so it tends to look gritty too, but a bit of top coat to bring out the shine fixes that. This colour is my favourite of the collection and is something you could wear all year round!

Rudolph Red was part of an LE collection released in 2000. Its still around so I do not think its a hard to find colour. It's a medium red jelly textured polish with fine gold and silver glitter in the bottle, so its not overwhelming. I love the application of this, for a polish packed full of glitter it doesn't streak! The wear of this one is also great as it has the old formula... colour lasts for ages! This is one of my favourite reds, hence the reason why I had to put it up with the other Christmas colours.

Hopefully sometime next week I will have some time on my hands to get onto doing a Christmas mani to show you all.


Anonymous said...

hi, back in november you posted the pic of the new opi train case on your blog. please can you tell me where i can buy it... i have searched the internet but can't find it anywhere. please help i need it to store all my opi polish

Anonymous said...

Hiya, Your nails look marvelous this length and baby its coal outside i need-send it

STERLINGNAILS on December 8, 2008 at 1:35 PM said...

Hi Anonymous 1

with regards to the case, its only aval to Australia at this time.

Hi Anonymous 2

thank you, lol where should i send it tehehe

Hanneri on December 8, 2008 at 5:27 PM said...

Ooh, Don't toy with me has been on my wishlist for quite a while. Saw it at a shop yesterday and did not buy it. After seeing your pic I will have to hurry back and get it! I thought I might have a dupe for it, e.g. I've red the script, but it doesn't look like it from your pic.


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