Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Zoya pinks to talk about

Today I thought I would do a double post, I had my post set up this morning ready to go but I had to post something about pinks today. I am in a pink mood. Does anyone else have that feeling where they wake up and they are in a polish 'colour' mood? Well today mine is pink, must be the summer weather!

This polish is from the hugs and kisses collection. It’s a lovely soft/light crimson/rose pink crème. I really love this one, the application is excellent 2 coats and you have the desired look. The polish took no time to dry and looked glossy before I even put a topcoat on. I am defiantly wearing this one throughout summer!

From the glitterati collection- pinky purple with an iridescent metallic shimmerThis is another fabulous glittery pink. This pink is a hot pink/ with sliver glitter, however tends to be more red on my nails than Hayden. This polish is much more sheer than what it displays in the bottle. This polish has a jelly consistency with glitter suspended in it. I was a little disappointed when I put this one on as it needed 3-4 coats to get the exact. With 3-4 coats you can imagine how long this one took to dry, forever!. I think that this polish would be better for layering rather than on its own. Or another idea for it would be to incorporate it into some sort of funky French polish.

Blue based crimson pinkWhat a super pink! This is such a bright jelly based pink and is so glossy.The application of this one was a dream, 2-3 coats and you had the perfect nail!The wear of this was so-so, I went 2-3 days before a sign of wear. I found that I got shattering of the nail with this one, so had to remove after the end of day 3.I would defiantly try this one again, but my next move would be to try this one on my toes.

All I can say about this one is OMG.. heheh no I can say so much more! When I saw this colour on the shelf I HAD to buy it, it looked so glittery.From the smitten collection. This is a micro-glittery hot pink with a silver metallic shimmer throughout. This is one of the nicest pinks I have tried for a long time. This is an iridescent glittery candy pink with a silver sheen throughout. This is packed full of pink and silver glitter which makes the polish sparkle in the sun. The polish looks amazing in the bottle and hooray looks just the same on the nails! When I saw this colour on the shelf I HAD to buy it, it looked stunning. The application of this was excellent, it took 2 coats to match the polish in the bottle. The polish looked glossy even before I put a topcoat on. With regards to wear, it lasted pretty well. I managed to get 4 days out of this before I needed to top up the gloss with some topcoat. This one is a winner!!


Steph on December 2, 2008 at 12:16 PM said...

:O Beautiful, just bought Hayden off eBay this very second. Thanks Ronna for the wonderful pics!

Anonymous said...

I love Hayden! Just put it on my Watch list on eBay.


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