Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Delicious purples
Today I felt like showing you all some lovely purples. I find this month I am tending to lean towards wearing purple

Nicole Virtuous Violet
This colour is really beautiful. It’s a Violet cream shade with blue undertones. This is a lovely bright purple with a very fine micro shimmer throughout which looks stunning. The application and texture of this polish was fantastic, 2-3 coats of this and your nails matched the colour in the bottle. This polish did not come on streaky and dried quickly. I defiantly will be wearing this one throughout summer!

OPI Ulta Violet
I am not overly thrilled by this colour. This colour looks amazing in the bottle but I found it meh on the nails. When you look at the bottle all you can see is an amazing dark purple PACKED with glitter flakes. However on the nails it's like a watery purple mess with some glitter… and that’s after 2 coats. Not only that the polish went dull after 1-2 days.. boo! Shall I go on, nope why bother.
OPI Pikes Peak a boo purple
Now this colour is really something to look at!
This colour is from OPI's 1996 fall/winter Rocky Mountain collection… so it's somewhat a little difficult to find, but well worth the look. This is a lovely cool toned deep eggplant purple with a hint of shimmer throughout. I found that with 2 coats you reached the colour of the bottle. With regards to wear it lasted 3-4 days before you could see signs of wear. Worth trying this colour if you can find it!

China Glaze LOL
Hmmm I am not really into Holos but since everyone raves about this one, I thought well better give this one a go. This one is a medium holo purple. With regards to application… I wasn’t very impressed as you really need to let the base coat dry WELL and then apply a first coat, wait till that dries WELL and apply the second and so on. The time it took to get this one looking like the shade of the bottle was not worth it. I also found that this chipped after 2 days and really something that chips so soon after application I cant be bothered with.

China Glaze Lasso my heart
This colour is from China Glaze's recent Rodeo Collection 08 Release
I really like this colour. When I applied it I totally didn’t expect to love it instantly. I find this colour to be a nice deep plumy mauve with gold shimmer throughout. The application was excellent smooth and non streaky. It took 2 coats to get the desired shade of the bottle and wear and tear was excellent… 3 days no chips!

Zoya Hope

A lovely deep purple metallic colour with heaps of shine! I didn’t expect to like let alone love this colour. From the bottle it looks like a boring metallic purple but once it's on your nails wow watch out. The application of this one is great, I did not find it was streaky and it only needed 2 coats to look fab. With regards to wear, I went 4 days without a sign of wear.
Zoya Areetha
Well I am not totally thrilled with this one, I thought I would love it but nope it's not for me. It’s a creamy metallic lilac purple that is really hard to make look ok on the nails. I did 2 coats on my nails and you could see the brush stroke application in the polish… I'm sorry but it just looks hideous.

China Glaze Ankles of amethyst
WOW I love this colour. In the bottle it looks like a lilac purple with some shimmer but on the nails WOW it’s a pinky lilac purple PACKED with shimmer. The shimmer seems to be purple and silver flakes. It takes around 2-3 coats to make sure your tips do not show through. This polish is so blingy I looooovveee it!



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