Monday, December 29, 2008

Which kylie?

Today I was going through my stash and was surprised to find that I actually owned 2 Zoya nail polishes with the same name..... but totally different colours.

The first one called ... Kylie is a bright crimson red with a glossy finish. To get the same look as the bottle it took me 2 coats and I still found that I could slightly see my tips. In saying that I still love this colour.

The second Kylie I found in my treasure trove is a very pretty medium candy pink with a subtle light purple/lilac shimmer to it. It has a glossy almost dreamy like finish to it which is just lovely to look at. When I put this one on I could not stop staring at my nails.... ohhh I love this one!


Anonymous said...

Hello - Zoya here. Good catch, yes, there was a duplicate. To clarify we have added a 2 to the end of the second one.
Kylie is 219
Kylie2 is 299
Happy Nail Polishing
Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer


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